Sunday, November 21, 2010

Maverick John's 1st birthday party!

My little baby is a whole year old now.  He likes to cruise along the couch, climb up on toys to reach the markers and chalk, and help Mama on the computer!  He chuckles at his sisters, plays Peek-a-Boo and gives Hi-fives.  He says "Mama" & "Da-Da", usually at the right times.  Mav-man loves to suck his thumb and crash on his blankie in the middle of playing--just for a little rest.  He just started clapping his hands.  His favorite activities are to go to the forbidden corners of the house and he does have a circuit:  the homeschool corner, the living room garbage can, under the table and then on to the kitchen garbage and he checks to see if Mama left any cupboards open .  He can crawl fastest when he sees doors open--sissies' bedroom door, refrigerator door, bathroom name it.  We've caught him with wet hands more than once fishing in the toilet...daddy says he must be fishing for brown trout!
He has 4 top teeth and 2 on the bottom, and loves to eat real food now, especially that birthday cake and ice cream!  He like lasagna and spaghetti, some soups, breads and soft fruits.  Gotta feed my growin' boy!

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