Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Morning when I rise, Give me Jesus

I kept thinking of this old Negro Spiritual song that's been resurrected by Fernando Ortega, Chris Rice and Jeremy Camp (and others, I'm sure) when I looked at these pictures.  This past Friday morning, I looked out my window at the sunlight peeking through the fog and grabbed my camera and headed out the door.  The grass was dewy, but I chased that sunlight across the yard and into (what I call) the Village Green.  My husband looked confused when I told him "I chased the sunlight this morning", but you know what I mean, right?  These shafts of light breaking down through the fog were simply amazing.

...Do I chase my Jesus like I chased the sunlight?  Do I seek Him daily, early in the morning?  Do I place my needs before Him and then WAIT?  In a recent study, I learned that waiting isn't just sitting around, drumming my fingers on the table waiting for God to start working.  It involves a longing...
The Lord is acting..."Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you!" Isaiah 30:18  Longing is the same word as waiting here, and this verse literally says "The LORD waits...blessed are all those who wait for Him" (ESV).  There is something here worth waiting for, and the longing is part of the wait.  I'm not just passing time here.


Liz said...

What A truth to hold to. Beautiful post and captures.

Branson said...

I love that you chased the light, and I love even more the reflection you shared here! Have a beautiful week! :)

Nela said...

Beautiful scripture and sunlight! :)

Sara said...

These are beautiful. Sunlight like that is such a treat!

Cedar said...

These are beautiful. I love that first one. Such a timely reminder to chase Jesus.

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