Friday, November 19, 2010

I Heart Face Fix It Friday

I thought I would try something new today. It's been a busy day of baking sugar cookies--we cut out with Turkey shapes and decorated with left over birthday cake frosting and added sprinkles, chocolate chips and candy corn. We caught up on some school work & laundry and stayed home all day. I landed on i heart faces and saw a Fix it Friday. So here's my ideas:
I use Photoshop Elements 8 and used actions downloaded for free from The Coffee Shop Blog. I love LOVE these actions and use a variety of them on my own photos. I like how she explains what she did in each layer of the action and gives advice on how to further edit each layer when needed in her tutorial.

As I labeled, you can see the top photo is the unedited version, the one I downloaded from the site. I then ran the vivid pop action, making the soft layer active at 50% opacity and the bright layer active. It sure brightens up the photo!

Next, I ran the Vanilla B&W action. I put the vanilla tint layer at 40% and made the sharpen layer active. I love this little boy's eyelashes, and wanted to make them a focal point in the editing. This is especially true in the last photo, the Hot Cocoa 2 action. After running the action, I used the brush on the layer mask at a low opacity to take away most of the haziness from his face, especially on the eyes.

I just downloaded the 2-photo groupings used here from MCPActions. Love them!


borne . image . photography said...

Great edits ... I really like the Vivid Pop, and the Vanilla B&W! I'm partial to B&W's, but the color in this image was fantastic, and fun to work with! I have yet to try some of the actions from the sites you mentioned ... just have to do that, soon! I also must try the recipes you've shared here on your blog, too! They look delicious! You have a blessed Thanksgiving! :)

borne . image . photography said...

P.S. I use PSE7, and was wondering just how difficult it was to install the actions you had mentioned ... I notice you use PSE8, and I'm hoping it isn't too much different the mine! :)

Jen said...

to borne. image. photography,
thanks for your encouragement! I used to use pse 6 and upgraded a few months ago, and both are pretty similar. the coffeeshop blog has great instructions for loading the actions...i have to follow them every time I install!

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