Sunday, November 28, 2010

Journey of 1000 Gifts

We enjoyed Thanksgiving day with my side of the family. My parents, my sister's family, my grandma, and my aunt's family were all together for the day.

On Friday, I got up Uber early--3:30 am to go shopping.  I haven't done Black Friday shopping in years.  I met my sister and mom at Kohl's and I think I'm done shopping for the kids.  A couple toys, outfits, books & movies each, and our traditional Christmas Eve jammies--secretly, this is for the next morning's pictures!

Later on Friday, we met at church for Tim's family gathering.  Uncle Charles brought the x-box and the music getup.  The girls had fun pretending to be Rock Stars.  My heart was made glad to hear the songs that Hannah made up--all about her Savior and our worship of Him.

I was challenged a few months ago by A Holy Experience to start logging my own Gratitude list.  I hadn't realized until now how gratitude is a discipline woefully lacking in my personal life.  I want to get beyond the "easy answers" when asked what I am thankful for--like family, husband, children, health, home, church, etc. I don't take those for granted, and I am thankful for those more than anything, but I want to be specific each day about WHY I am thankful for those things and many more.  I began to list them in a notebook, putting down several each week.  While this is better than nothing, I want to continue growing in gratefulness for the many BLESSINGS my Savior heaps upon me daily.  Here's a few from my first list (some are prompted and copied from one I admire, Ann Voskamp)
1.  Grace.  Everyday.  In each moment.  All moments. (Change my focus and open my eyes to see your daily Grace, Father God)
2.  The gift of me.  God made me who I am and I am the one who sees & experiences the world in a way uniquely mine.
3.  Changing seasons.
4.  Healthy kids.

"No gift unrecognized as coming from God is at its own best...when in all gifts we find Him, then in Him we shall find all things."  George McDonald

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