Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homeschool week 3

Welcome to week 3 of Kindergarten with Hannah Grace! We are on schedule and happy to say we are enjoying our learning.

This week we finished reading The Boxcar Children #1. Both girls really like this book and can't wait to read #2, which we found recently at a yardsale. One of the girls' names in the book is Violet, but when I asked Hannah some questions about the story early on, all she could remember was that it was a color purple, and she decided her name must be Lavender! I chuckled, and it is fantastic the way our minds work to help us remember details like this!

Mom got brave and brought out the paints with both girls. I sliced an apple in half so that it makes a star shape in the seeds, and dipped in red paint. On the large sheet of white paper, I cut out a brown trunk from construction paper for each girl to glue on before hand. Then they stamped away! Hannah quickly realized that red handprints were fun to make as well. The project turned out well, other than yellow paint getting spilled all over the wood floor. Hannah just stared at and I was like, Hannah! Get up! Do something! I don't know why she is so slow to react...

We've been doing lots of Bible reading, and are all the way to the story of Joseph. We're reading up on early civilizations, like the first man, Egypt, Greece, Rome...and the story of God's Providence in it all. Hannah loves science, and we did our first "experiment" yesterday. She wants to do one every day! She loves learning about our world, the continents and hemisperes, time and seasons, the sun, moon, and earth. It's really amazing to watch a child learn these things in the context of God as Almighty Creator. Glory to God for the faith of a child! I, too, am in awe of His Power as I am learning right along side of my 5-year-old.

The 2 biggest challenges so far is the discipline to get it all done each week and to not leave Makenna out. I have been digging for things for her to do and have them almost ready. She loves the readings we do and that's almost enough for her. She misses her play buddy when Hannah has to do her book work. When I quiz Hannah on our readings or have her do a "narration", Makenna seems to remember at least as much, if not more!

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