Wednesday, October 8, 2008

GLHA Horse Show

Many of you know that my family raises Haflinger horses, as I've posted pics of them frequently.  Our breeds local horse association--Great Lakes Haflinger Association--has a show every fall at the MSU Pavilion in East Lansing.  This show, the Haflinger Fest, is this week!  The show is Thursday and Friday, and the Horse sale on Saturday.  I've created pages here for our display at the show, of our 2 horses that we're trying to sell on Saturday.

I've been visiting my parents weekly for the past month to practice riding and driving Sunny.  I decided earlier this year to work towards riding Western Pleasure and Western Horsemanship classses--which involves walk, trot, and canter--as opposed to the class I'd entered other years--Walk/trot class.  I became ambitious and decided to pursue English riding classes as well.  I'd never ridden English before and neither had Sunny.  The differences include a different saddle and bit--which feel much less secure--trotting faster and with a post movement by me in the saddle, and usually a faster canter--all in a saddle that feels less secure!  I have some pictures of me doing this I'll post later.  Plus, I ride with a riding crop, and I have to learn how to hold my body in position and look collected and look like I know what I'm doing!  Yikes!  Actually, Sunny and I are coming along well, and I think we won't be embarrassed in our show.  I've been questioned about doing too many new things for the show, but you never know if I'll be able to show next year, so I wanted to do all I could while I could (meaning I can't ride if I'm pregnant, and I've actually had 2 years of being not-pregnant and riding).  So I've been riding and getting so sore I could hardly walk.  It didn't help that I've increased my cross training, including lunges and squats and arm weights and core/ab workouts.  My inner thigh and crotch have been so sore!!!  Ah, well, all is feeling much better now and we are ready to leave in a few hours!

by the way, I created all these pages using past Scrap Girls Kits of the month.  I love these kits!  You get so much for the price!  I can create endless pages with these kits, using elements over and over and mix things up!

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