Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Labor Day Activities

Late Sunday afternoon, we drove over to my parents, about an hour away. We stayed until late Monday afternoon. We got in lots of horse time! Sunday, Tim practiced driving Atta-Boy on the buggy, a 2-seater, 4 wheeled buggy. Dad rode with him, as did Hannah, and Sparky the dog. At the same time, I drove Sunny, with mom and Makenna in a 2-wheeled cart. At the GLHA show, Tim and I will both be showing in cart classes. I'll drive in the novice cart class, same as last year. Tim will drive in the Men's cart class, and last year he did very well in this class--better than dad! Tim will also drive in the "cone scurry", an obstacle course, in which the driver and buggy have to weave in a pattern around orange cones that have tennis balls on top. The object is to not tip any over or make any balls fall off. Later that evening, we had a campfire. I put Makenna to bed before the fire, since she didn't have much of a nap, and was asking for bed. Hannah enjoyed eating cheeto's and doing sparklers, and then she asked to go to bed, too.
The next morning, me and dad rode horses. I practiced riding Western, and getting Sunny to pick up the right leads when cantering. I think it went pretty well. After riding around the arena, we went around the trails that dad's created in the woods. I told myself that next time I ride, I'll try riding English, which I've never done. Sunny's never done it either. It's a little different, and the saddle seems less secure. I'll have to post when he trots, and I'll have to canter faster. Hmmm. When we were done riding, it was Hannah's turn to ride. She loves to ride, and got the longest ride ever. She put her feet in buddy stirrups, and got herself quite secure in the saddle. Nana led her through many of the trails in the woods, and Hannah just loved it. She would ride all day if she could.
Later that day, Tim and I both got to practice driving again. This time, we drove through some of the trails, and also to my grandma's house next door, and down the driveways and roads. I think we're getting ready to show!
On this layout, I used the new September kit, Well-Loved, by the Scrap Girls. This kit contains lots of cool hardware that lends itself to my horse layouts. They have an antique-y look to them.

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