Saturday, September 6, 2008

Savings Angel!

Have you heard of Savings Angel before? (Click on the link to the side) I joined the club a few weeks ago, after contemplating it for months. I first heard about it a year ago, and put off joining because I thought we were moving...and we did numerous times. Here's the jist of the club: grocery prices are rising, gas costs are rising, Americans are spending too much money, have no savings, and are putting essentials on credit cards. Well, I shop weekly, shop the sales at Meijers, and buy some cheaper essentials at Wal-mart when necessary and not on sale any where else. I don't buy a paper, instead shop sales posted on-line. I've tried coupons, but thought I ended up spending more money for products I didn't usually buy. Or else I forgot about them and they expired. But I thought I was a smart shopper, bought on sale/clearance and off-brands when I could. And I was still spending around $100 or more for a family of 4 (me, my husband, a 3.5 year old, and a 1.5 year old). So, I was intrigued by the thought of saving 50%, and only spending $50 a week! My friend with similarly aged children said she spent about $50, so I thought maybe I could, too!

The idea of this club is to buy multiple copies of the GR Press (because it has the best coupons) and Savings angel will match up all existing coupons (not-yet-expired) that has come out of this paper with the sales from stores like Meijers, Plums, Family Fare, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. This means I don't have to remember what coupons I have that are current. Savings Angel also tells you the original price, the sale price, the final price after coupons, your savings amount in dollars, and the percentage that you saved. Great, huh?! Plus, it links you up to any other coupons that are available on other websites, such as in-store coupons, product's sites and their coupons.

So, on a Tuesday morning, I log onto the website, click on the Meijers' button, and check off what products I'm interested in buying--making a shopping list. Then I follow the links to find the coupons needed, or I find the coupons I have stored from the newspapers. Right on my shopping list, it tells me what week the coupon came out. My coupons are stored--unclipped--in file folders, sorted by dates. I pull out the correct set of coupons, find the correct product, and clip. I print my shopping list, attach my coupons, place in my purse, and I'm ready for Wednesday, my typical shopping day. I think it takes less than an hour (or at least it will once I get the hang of it)

The reason I share all this is because I want you to join me in saving so much money! Let's get as much as we can for as low as we can...and beat these manufacturers in this grocery game! It's exhilerating to be able to get products for free or for under $1. For instance, last week, Rite Aid had pens on sale for .50, and I found a coupon at the store for $1 off these pens. So they paid me .50 to take the pens out of the store!

Please click the link to the right to go the site. You can sign up to join for one month at $19.95 and get the 2nd month free. Please use my code: 14980. This way, I can get a reduction in my membership cost. When a person has 4 members sign up under her, that person gets a free membership! See, savings all the way around!! I created these post cards to have on hand to hand out. What do you think?

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