Thursday, June 12, 2008

June Desktop

Here's my June desktop calendar. Shabby Princess's blog puts up desktop, and I download it and add my pictures. Super easy and cute!

I was searching today for some gems of truth in Scripture to share here. One blessing that I've noted to myself about moving back to our home is that Northern Christian Radio plays many ministry programs throughout the day. One that I've missed is Revive our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. She's been speaking lately on the book of Easther, and there are a few truths from today's broadcast that I want to share.

  1. There is an ongoing battle between God and Satan here. We see that in today's culture, how Satan strives to keep the name of Christ out of our schools, our televisions, our life. The real battle in our world today is between Satan and God and people are lining up on one side or the other. These conflicts are actually inspired by a battle between Satan and God himself.

  2. No matter what things look like, God is in control. There is an instance in this book of people drawing lots, but There is no such thing as chance. Everything in this world falls under providence.

There’s an anti-Christian movement in this culture. You can talk about God all you want, but don’t lift up Christ as Lord...The issue is that Satan hates Christ. Satan’s followers are seeking to eradicate the name of Christ from this earth. Sometimes they do it under the name of religions, such as Islam. That’s a little more obvious. Sometimes they do it in more subtle ways under secularism or under Hollywood’s mantle trying to rid the planet of references to and worship of Christ.

The presidential elections are constantly bombarding the news, and the candidates, one in particular, scare me. In our presidency, I not only want justice and honor and courage, but I want God's name and His ways uplifted and obeyed. I am comforted to know that even in the battles waged in politics, God is there. God reigns supreme and he places leaders in position, for a reason, for good or for bad--meaning sometimes it's painful, and until Christ returns to claim his throne, Satan will do everything he can to turn humanity away from Jesus Christ.

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