Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Father's Day

For Father's Day, I designed 3 wall-hangings for my husband's office. Here's one. I used a kit from Scrap Girls, and a picture that my husband took last summer of his truck on the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Now, understand, my husband is a lover of all things Ford and Diesel. He spends as much time as I do on the computer, and he's visiting his truck forums and spilling out all kinds of advice. This truck was purchased the fall before Makenna was born, and he's spent hours and hours working on it and modifying it and making it the beast that it is! And this is an old picture. The first thing he said was, "Can I put a new picture in it?" see, the hubcaps--or was it the lugnuts?-- are ugly, and have been replaced. The stacks in the back no longer look like this, they've been trimmed down, and soon to be replaced with new ones. Oh, well!
One of my passions--besides scrappin'!--is raising my children. I've read lots of parenting books and listened to many family programs on the radio. I even have a dream of teaching parenting classes in church settings. Today I was listening to Family Life Today and it was talking about teaching children manners. Etiquette is about rules, where as manners is concerned with the hearts issues. Nothing flows out of our speach or actions which did not first simmer in our hearts. So what does it mean to raise unselfish children in a self-absorbed world? The term "Self-Esteem" flows wildly in our schools and culture, and children are taught to focus on themselves, their needs, and their self-centeredness. Now, I know there are many who may be offended by what I'm saying here, but hey, this is my blog. Instead, I want my children to see the world correctly, and then see how they can best serve and minister in this world. I want my girls to have a correct view of themselves and to see themselves as the creation of a Master Designer, as Daughters of the King. There is much to rejoice over! We are fearfully and Wonderfully made! We have a purpose for our life, God has plans for our future. When we view ourselves correctly, Biblically, then we have a humble self-confidence, instead of misplaced pride. Check out the link above for the radio transcript to read more in-depth.

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