Friday, November 30, 2007

New Home

Here I am! All tucked into my new home...lots of room! I baked in my oven 3x in the last day...lasagna, borritos, cookies, and bread! I love being able to bake again! I had no oven in the last house. Just a funny note about the cost of living...I went to Meijers yesterday to get some much needed diapers, wipes, bread, milk, TP, and such. I carefully calculated my spending and counted out my dollars. I decided to get 3 gallons of milk instead of 2, since it was $2.50 a gallon on sale, and I thought this would last us a few weeks. I got home, and carried 2 bags into the house. The brown bag carrying the milk and juice broke and dropped to the ground and then the milk jug cracked open and started spewing all over the frozen ground. Now, I'm carrying a load, the wind is fierce, milk is like gold, so what do I do?? I tried to pick it up and hold it so that no more would spill out and tried to call Tim, who was in the house with the girls. No service. am I supposed to get the screen door and the big door open without making a mess? Well, I managed it, and got the milk into other containers. I think I lost about a third of it. What an ordeal...I hate how everything is getting so expensive! Does this affect your hobbies? Does it keep you from buying what you used to buy? I've invested a lot in stamps and supplies in the past year, but I think that I have all I need for a while. How about you??

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