Monday, September 3, 2007

Finally Got my Birthday Present!

For my Birthday, way back on July 1, hubby got me a subscription to my favorite scrapbooking magazine, Creating Keepsakes. Well, it said it would take 4-6 weeks to get here, but I didn't get it until a few days ago! Try 2 months later! Anyway, I love it! Before, I would try to borrow them from the library, but was only able to keep it for a week. It's hard to get everything out of it in a week! I got October's issue, which has a lot about Halloween in it. I'm not much into Halloween. It's fun to dress up and visit a few friends, but that's about it. I have a few outfits for the girls, so I guess i'll have to decide what they'll be. For Hannah, there's a ladybug, horse, wings to wear, and a few others, i think. For Makenna, there's a matching ladybug or a clown. Back to Creative Keepsakes, you can get a lot from their website: one thing i like about the mag is all the advertising. Usually, that's not a good thing, but they all relate to scrapping, and they have the neatest ideas even in the ads! I'm thinking about getting a subscription for my sister for Christmas. I have her name this year, and she loves to scrap and stamp, too. The only problem is that if i get her a subscription, I won't be able to get her anything else--like products from Stampin Up! :)

Here are a few pictures i took with my mom's camera and then saved on a disc. that's easy enough to figure out how to put on the blog! although, I like to touch up my pics and wasn't able to do that yet. These are pics of the girls taken at various times this summer that I can't wait to scrapbook. I wonder what I took pictures of before I had children?? oh, yeah, my neices and nephew!
1st pic: 2 neices and Hannah (far right) at a lake. 2nd pic: Hannah playing, trying to not get dirty (why do I ever think that'll work?) 3rd pic: Oldest neice, Megan, getting ready to drive Sunny; Hannah loves to feed them haycubes! 4th pic: Makenna last week, 7 mo old. 5th pic: Hannah laying down on the paddle boat at a wedding shower. She's trying so hard to obey and not get wet (which didn't work, by the way!) 6th pic: Tim riding on the bench on the back of the tractor with neices and Hannah. Pictured here in the last pic with Makenna, is Alli, my brother's youngest.
This weekend we drove to Cheboygan, near Mackinac and the Straights to camp with Tim's parents. it should've taken us about 5 hours to get there, but took us nearly 12 hours in the truck due to waiting around and then truck troubles! The girls endured it fairly well, and we ended up having a good time. I got my battery charger for my camera while we stopped by our house, so I took a few pictures of our trip. Most pictures were of the girls with Tim and their grandparents. These are such precious times. The Grandparents are preparing to go work in a Mexican orphanage. They are selling their business and home and most of their belongings to live in a travel trailer and drive their semi down to Lily of the Valley orphanage. I'm happy that they are following their dream and going where God has lead them, but it's hard to let them go. Hannah, especially, is attached to them. She loves them and Gracie, their tiny dog, to death. They will visit for a few months at a time, but not the same as having them live 2 miles down the road as they are now. While camping, tim and i got to try Kayaking! we went up and down the river one morning, and we really enjoyed it. we'd like to do that again. Grampa took some pictures of that for us, so hopefully soon, i'll get a disc with those on it.
today, we're off to Nana and Papa's house to practice driving Sunny and Atta Boy with the carts. Tim and I go every year to the Great Lakes Haflinger Show in Lansing. it's at the Michigan State University Pavilion for a long weekend. We help my parents show, drive, and ride their horses. I'll get to ride as well (since i'm not pregnant this year). Last year I couldn't ride since I was pregnant, but the year before, I got first place in the walk/trot class. it's a lot of fun, and Hannah loves this kind of thing! It's a memory builder!

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