Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Texture Tuesday "Red" Barns


Texture Tuesday's Theme is RED!
After my country drives last fall looking for barns, I had a few red choices.  This first barn will always remind me of home.  This is my parents' barn, where they have lived my entire life.  We never moved growing up, and my first move was to college.
Rocking Horse Farm
On this picture, I did the following:
Coffeeshop action 20/20
KK's scripted edges at Difference blending mode 45%
KK's Yesteryear Overlay blending mode 65% and also duplicated at Multiply 65% with mask

This next barn was on our local Barn Tour Color Drive.
Red Barn
Coffeshop action 20/20
flattened and duplicated original; Hard Light blending mode
KK's Yesteryear Overlay blending mode 51%
KK's the ladder Linear Burn blending mode 13%
KK's Scripted Autumn Linear Burn blending mode 65% with mask


Linda Makiej said...

simply BEAUTIFUL red!!!! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I really love the second shot.

Michelle said...

Great use of textures on your red barn shots, beautiful!

Connie Smiley said...

Your barns, and the textures are beautiful. And you are so right; there are blessings in the small moments.

Susan said...

Wow...what an incredible shot...

Roshanda "ShonEjai" Glenn said...

Very nice!

Kia said...

Simply gorgeous! :)
Seen in Kim's TT.

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