Monday, October 17, 2011

I {Finally!}got some scrapbooking done!  I got the girls' summer pages done, thanks to the use of some JIF pages from  I Love their products!  I probably should've spent more time on the journaling, though.  You may wonder why Hannah has so many more pages than Makenna...simple fact that Hannah likes to pose for photos, and Makenna makes faces and runs away!  I'm hoping she grows out of that soon!  She also inherited her father's bad habit of weird eyes when photographed--you know, eyes half closed or blinking or looking possessed.  Most of her better photos are taken when she's not paying attention to me.  She has these beautiful blue eyes and long lashes...

It's been so long since I've participated in Monday's Multitudes of Blessings, and I really, {Really} need to get back in the habit of writing down my list of gifts.  Posting them here keeps me accountable.

Colors of fall
For eyes to see depth of color
husband who makes plans for home improvements
burdens for ministry in the hearts of believers
God changes people
Heat that kicks on when its chilly
Neighbors to celebrate birthdays with
holding dark haired chubby baby girls with dark skin -(Mia, neighbors' granddaughter)

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Tammy said...

Visiting from Ann's such beautiful scrapbooking and pictures. A wonderful gift and lovely list as well. Blessings on your day

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