Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scavenger Hunt August 21

The girls LOVED the chance to paint their own nails for the first time.  They didn't do a half bad job! They always want their fingers painted and I really don't like to bother with it...I love this look of concentration on Kenna's face here!

On the Dotted Line
My husband's suggestion for the perfect shot for this prompt was to get a shot of roadkill on the yellow striped line...gross!  I didn't get any other inspiration, so I just added a photo of my gladiolas to this ready-made sheet that had stitches and splatters that reminded me of the dotted line.

Hanging by a Thread
This was another result of my Chasing the Sunlight.  It caught me by surprise and just knew it would make a great shot!  When I see this, I praise my Creator, who designed even something like a spider to weave such an intricate web for the purpose of catching his prey...
This is a nearby Bed and Breakfast that has such grand columns and strong structure.  I love the round pillars with the curly-cues at the top and the rounded balcony.

I made this collage with one of my scrapbooking sets.  I even used photos from this week!  I saw a painted collage on a store front that would've been great, too, but couldn't get a shot of it without crashing or something like that!


Ashley Sisk said...

What a gorgeous set - I'm really liking your hanging by a thread and geometry captures. Just perfect!

Phoenix Peacock said...

Stunning geometry capture

Saun said...

Love the geometry shot, and the little girl painting her finger nails.

eah42 said...

Love your photos! Great geometry and hanging by a thread shots.

Anonymous said...

that spider web is amazing!

Michelle Renee said...

Fingernail polish was a creative idea. I wish I would have thought of that. :) Great the web!

Cedar said...

Such a creative brushstroke take! I love your web capture~incredible!

Robin said...

wow, what great captures you found! Amazing spider web shot. The sunlight streaming through is mystical. :)

My Captivating Images said...

I love buildings with pillars....the older the better. :) Nice work.

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