Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Language is a Gift

I've been reading Honey for a Child's Heart and Honey for a Teen's Heart, both by Gladys Hunt.  Both of these books are about the importance of reading to your children and WITH your children.  Reading together as a family creates a unique experience and precious memories.  I recommend them both!  But there was one particular passage that has been sticking with me, and that concerns the words we speak and hear and read.

Readers, Science, and more!
Hunt says:  It is no small thing that we are able to take these shining symbols known as words and communicate with each other.  We have this ability because we are made in the image of God.  He created the world with His own speech...He communicates with us with language and allows us to speak to Him and to each other with words.  This is a sacred trust.  Just as God created a world for us to line in, so with our speech we also create a world for others to live in...Careless words are an affront to our Maker.  What are we saying about ourselves, our view of God, and other people by our language?

School books for Hannah next year

There is so much we could say about words and speech and language, but I'd like to camp out on the words that we consume, that we invite into our lives and hearts and homes.  As a lover of reading, I have chosen to surround our home with good books.  I don't think I could ever truly have too many books (my husband may disagree!).  But the issue here is "good" books.  I want books that we can not only read together and think together over and discuss as pieces of literature, but that we can also filter Scripture Word through our reading.  Literature is a great way to apply Truth and Grace and Obedience and begin to practice how all of "life must be seen through the framework of revealed Truth".  Learning to read is about learning to think and learning to think Biblically.

Science and horses and more!
This is really difficult to post this mess!  I have more books than I have shelves for and this is not even all of them.  I have not read all of these yet, and I want to move past just being a book collector.  But I think it is important for us each to have ready access to good reading, and we are looking forward to plunging in to this reading experience as a family.  
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