Sunday, June 5, 2011

Front Page News
This is Front Page News for a few reasons...This past Monday, we honored our soldiers who served our country.  Tuesday morning, my Grandpa, a Korean War Veteran, passed away.  He was laid to rest on Friday with a 21 gun salute and with military honor.  I read this passage this week and it struck me as never before.  The LORD is holding my I believe that?  As the Amplified Bible defines believing as "Adheres to, Trusts in, Relies on, Has faith in Me"?  My prayer is for soldiers fighting around the world who are overwhelmed, know the Lord is GOOD and He's holding your hand.  
That's old news...that's new news...that's the GOOD news!!

This chore seems never ending this time of year!  Thankfully, I'm getting more help every year!  You can see all the volunteer squash plants coming up there...they need to leave because they'll take over the garden like mad.  Trust me, I know!

This is a garden statue found at the greenhouse.  I chose this as my subject because there's such great texture in this wooden carving, and the lighting here shows off the roundness of the figure.  I really don't know how well this fits the challenge for form, but I wanted to show that she was 3-dimensional, with shadows and depth.

Makenna looks so bedraggled!  We were out biking and this bench was calling her to come and sit a spell.  She's in full biking gear!  Thankfully, this year, she can go 2-3 miles while I jog with the stroller and Maverick, and Hannah is flying way ahead of us.

I just love this necklace. My mother in law gave it to me last fall when we spent a weekend together at a convention with our husbands.  I have some special and funny memories of that weekend!


Branson said...

Beautiful photos! I love your frong page news!!

Nicole said...

Awesome pictures! Love the textures applied.

Susan said...

Great word and beautiful picture.

Sorry about your grandfather...

Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Cedar said...

What a great scavenger set! I feel hot just looking at her!

Love your scripture and snapshot and the message along with it. So true.

Mom of M&Ms said...

Love your scripture and a matched my weekend exactly!

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