Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today is Texture Tuesday and the theme is gardening.  I had originally posted the picture for this yesterday, of the garden being rototilled up.  Then I went to the Greenhouse yesterday and found some gorgeous flowers to photograph.  I took Mav with me and bought 2 flats of veggies.  When I set him on the ground when we got home, he immediately headed for the dirt, sat down and began to throw it around!  What a dirty boy!  Planting a garden with an 18-month-old is virtually impossible.  He kept stealing my trowel, sitting on my tomato plants or howling!  And that was when he wasn't trucking across the yard, going out of site or heading for the road!  Lunch and naptime came early for him that day!  The rest of us worked together and got the whole garden planted, each year it grows bigger.  I'll share more about what we planted later.

I used only Kim's textures on each of these, including the Love texture on all 4.  I added a second texture of hers, Sweet Tart on each of the flowers.  I'm really pleased with them, especially the flowers, and they just might show up again soon with a Scripture on them!


Ashley Sisk said...

The first shot - I think it's a daisy...gorgeous!

Stampmouse said...

some really pretty flower shots

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