Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Nature Hunt

Friday dawned bright and warmer than it had been.  We set out after lunch to go exploring for cattails and pussy willows.  I decided that a good place to check was down by the swamp by The Shop (Tim's family mechanic shop).  Maverick settled into the back-pack carrier, Makenna wore her princess dress (terrible choice!) and Hannah chattered on about "observationing the nature".

We attempted to find signs of spring.  Bits of wintergreen and spruce were coming up fresh out of the ground.  We edged around the swamp, seeing last year's cattails a ways out.  I was hoping to find some interesting things without getting wet or too muddy.  After searching and getting sweaty carrying Mav on my back, we finally got close enough to inspect the cattail.  Hannah pulled all the fluff out and, unfortunately, I was standing down wind and got a bit covered.  I gave up on finding pussy willows, until Tim redirected us to a different spot to look.  These were mostly out of reach, and when I tried to take pictures, the camera wouldn't focus on it right.  So, we'll try that one again next week.

We checked down by another pond.  No pussy willows or cattails, but the geesse and ducks were out and calling loudly to each other.  The reflection was worth it all!

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