Monday, March 22, 2010

Maverick is 4 months

It's hard to believe my son is 4 months old! Where has winter gone? He settled into our family so easily, it's hard to remember life without him. He's the easiest baby by far. Hopefully that won't change! He's been sleeping 10+ hours a night since about 2 months, going to sleep about 9 pm. After a few restless nights the week before last, I started giving him some rice cereal around supper time. I did NOT want to start feeding him during the night again! He's happy most of the day, but still wants to eat every 2 hours or so--that's not nice, but at least we're sleeping, right? He takes a bottle well, so I can leave him in nursery or with Tim. Even left him with grandparents and babysitters already! He's wonderful!

At his 4 month checkup, he weighed 15 lb, 10 oz, which puts him in the 50 percentile, and 24", which is the 30 percentile. I've never had a child score so low! I think the boy's percentiles are different than girls' because he seems the same size as my girls. The picture here is Hannah at 4 months. I think they look a lot alike.

A few weeks ago my van broke, my table broke, my DVD player broke, both our computers got a virus, and Tim cleaned them out and re-installed everything. We lost our backup disk for photoshop, so I haven't been able to edit any pictures or do any scrapbooking {so bummed}, or else I'd put up different pictures of Mav. If you're wondering, we're going to upgrade to Photoshop elements 8 from e-bay, we bought another DVD player, Tim fixed the van (and the computers), and our table is still broke. Tim thinks he can fix it. He's a great fixer...if only he had more spare time! He works 11 hour days at the shop, plus 10 hours or so computer work for Savings Angel. But hey, we're getting our debt paid off!

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