Friday, November 20, 2009

Maverick John

Baby Boy Is Here!! He arrived on Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 9:44 the end of opening day of deer season here in michigan! He's so considerate of his daddy! My day started out shortly after midnight with contractions. There were regular enough with enough of a punch, that I got up to see what I could do about it. I paced, sat on my exercise ball, watched movies, ate toast, even walked 50 minutes on the treadmill. By 6 am, my contractions stopped and I had fallen asleep. Tim left to go hunting--only about 5 minutes down the road, reassuring me that his phone was on and working. He called at 9:30 saying he shot a doe and coyote and was planning on staying out in the woods if I was ok. I spent the afternoon with no contractions, visiting with my friend Staci who stopped by after church--her kids admiring the doe and coyote hanging on the girls' swing set--and walking around the neighborhood. Even stopping to visit my friend Sarah. I made molasses cookies and apple crisp, did dishes, called my mom and sister and watched more movies. 12 hours after my last contraction, they started back up again. They were still between 10 and 25 minutes apart with no regularity. Around 7:30, I took a shower and Tim came home. He had gotten another Doe and already gotten them cut up in big chunks of meat and in the house. He was in the kitchen cutting them into smaller pieces to put in the fridge. I had to keep walking past was so GROSS! I couldn't look. After my shower, about 8 pm, my contractions started getting stronger and more painful and about 8 minutes apart. I kept thinking, they're going to get harder, don't be a wimp. "I am strong. I am woman. I am in control" was what I kept running through my head. I'm still partially wondering if I'm going to be induced in the morning, as planned. They were continuing to get stronger, so I asked Tim if he was almost ready. I gathered up last minute things. Now, after about 4 sets 8 minutes apart, they jumped to 4 minutes apart. I can no longer talk or stand during the contraction, and I keep kneeling on the floor until it's over. After 2 contractions 4 minutes apart, they jumped to under 2 minutes (where they continued to stay). Tim tells me to get in the van and I try to get in the front seat and decide there's NO WAY I'm sitting for 45 minutes on the way to Muskegon. So I kneel over the back seat, much to Tim's dismay--No Seatbelt? He doesn't argue long. He takes off, worried about me, worried about deer jumping out, called his dad to tell him what's up. 13 minutes down the road, with me screaming the whole way, I holler out, "Maybe we should go to Shelby!" I so didn't want to go to Shelby, but I was a mess and could feel the urge to push. Could I last another 30 minutes to Muskegon? I didn't think so. Tim whips around in the service road and gets off at the Shelby exit, heading for the hospital. He pulls up the emergency door and tells me to stay put. --wasn't planning on doing much else--a man with a wheelchair comes out for me and wheels me down to OB. I'm thinking, ew, I don't want to sit down...why can't this man drive this wheelchair without banging into every door jam? where's Tim? I hear the intercom paging--rather frantically--for OB nurses. I get there, somehow get into the bed, the nurses are trying to check me, Tim's still parking the car and signing papers, and PLOP!! Out comes the baby! No kidding, in 5 minutes He was born. It was amazing and crazy and so glad we made it to A hospital. If we hadn't stopped, he'd been born on the side of the road in the dark where there's no cell service. I'm doing fine, so stitches and recovering better than ever. My goal was low intervention, and boy, did I get it! No IV, no epidural, didn't even have time for my blood pressure! We came home tuesday night and the girls came home Thursday morning, and we are adjusting to our new life. The girls LOVE him and SMOTHER him with hugs and kisses. They are great at entertaining him. Makenna has a hard time sharing my lap, and she keeps saying, "He sure does love me, doesn't he?" and then she says, "I sure do love him, don't I?"

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Gary and Charity said...

We can't wait to meet him and so thankful you made it to a hospital.

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