Monday, January 5, 2009

Which craft do you like?

A few weeks ago, I accepted the role of our local MOPS group craft coordinator, a position I held a few years ago.  There wasn't a specific gal for this job this year, and with my staying local instead of moving (because of my husband's job change), I was up for the job.  I was slightly hesitant to accept because I remembered the time it required and the pressure of getting all the supplies ready and to come up with "great" crafts that all moms would like to do, appreciate bringing home, and have the skills to create.  Well, I guess I was right for being hesitant, because here's my present situation:  it turns out that next Tuesday is not only MOPS, but craft day.  On top of that, I just found out for sure that it is indeed next Tuesday, and I WON'T even be there!  YIKES!  So, the idea was to create a French Memo Board, as seen above, out of fabric, with wood and ribbon and so on.  If we buy the cheapest wood that I found on Lowe's site, which is 1/4"x48x50, we can get about 12 boards out of it, for a cost of $3.16 each (37.87 for the big sheet).  This is figuring the boards to be cut 8x25.5".  I think we can buy ribbon at 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week, for about $1 each.  We figured each person would need 83" wrapped around her board.  I also calculated that we'd need 19 yards of material.  The boards I saw on FLIKR had a variety of material, both lighter weight and heavier weight.  We also need hangers on the backs, staples, batting, and upholstery buttons, which I don't have costs of.

My alternate idea is to create a calendar from a metal cookie sheet.  Some of the ideas shown here are actually Advent Calendars--countdowns for Christmas.  The basic idea here is to paint the cookie sheet with acrylic paint, and then decorate with scrapbook paper and create numbers to place on the sheet for the month.  Some of these look disorganized, and with an actual calendar, it will have to have numbers that will fit 7-wide, according to the days of the week.  The numbers are created with a variety of products:  chipboard, scrapbook paper, dominoes, flat stones, etc.  If you place one up each day as the month goes along, it could be a great way to teach calendar and counting skills to preschoolers.  I saw this idea on Blissfully Domestic.  Here's some of the costs for this:  cookie sheets at Walmart are 6.47, Ikea for $3.99; I'm not sure they stock the amount we'll need.  I would use flat stones, and each person would need 31, I think I can find bags at the $1 store.  Plus magnets, scrapbook paper, heavy duty glue, and paint.   The second photo from the top is actually a muffin tin, and there are goodies behind it    Cute, right??!!

So my question is:  which do you like better?  Which is the most usefull?  Which is the easiest to construct?  Which is the easiest for me to plan and organize?

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