Saturday, December 20, 2008

Night vision goggles

would you like to win a pair of night vision goggles for a gift?  If I win, I think I'd give them to my husband...don't know what he'd do with them exactly, but sounds like fun, right?  Check the giveaway out at Frugal Upstate.  By the way, I think I might have won something.  Not something terribly cool, but hey, winning is winning, right?  I think I won a second place prize of some kind of mommy and me yoga DVD.  They sent me an email, and I responded with my address.  we'll see what it looks like.

I included a picture here of my daughter at church a few Sundays ago.  I like the tree at church, and my daughters dress up for church, and it's difficult to get a picture at home.  Plus, around the tree at home is cluttered with toys and such.  So, I snapped a few pics over the past few Sundays.  I did an action to this photo provided by the Coffee Shop Blog by Rita and added a texture downloaded from Flikr.  The Coffee Shop has several free actions for Photo Shop Elements, and she gives good directions for installing them into your program.  She also gives a lot of ideas of different things to do to your photos.  I followed her directions for this picture.

One of the presents I'm most exited to give this year is to my older brother.  A few years ago, he went to Thailand on a mission trip with his church.  He's a pastor, and he spoke to many villages on this trip, took lots of pictures and journalled about his experience.  I got a copy of all his pictures and his journal, and created a 20-page scrapbook of this experience.  I sent the files out to be printed 12x12, since I found a site offering printing for .99 each.  I hope it comes in time for Christmas.  Here's a 2 of the pages.

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