Sunday, December 21, 2008

Early Christmas present

Last week, we got Christmas cards from my husband's grandparents.  Included in the package were cards and Walmart gift cards for both of the girls.  Hannah helped me open the cards, and she was very excited when I told her what it was and that it meant that she could pick out a toy from the store all by herself!  Hannah found a Fisher-Price horse/truck/trailer/girl/dog/hay bale set, which she has been playing with ever since.  Makenna loves Dora the Explorer, so we found her a Dora doll that is big, soft, and talks, and closes her eyes.  She's a night-night baby, she says good night and sings lullabies.  She has real, comb-a-ble hair and came with a comb and a book to read at bed time.  Makenna likes her, I think, but doesn't want to take her to bed.  Makenna's favorite baby is a actually a doll that Hannah got when Makenna was born.  This doll has not worn clothes since she came to live with us.  So she's naked, and is not soft, but has the hard plastic-y skin.  She's really a cute doll, but not snuggly for a toddler.

We're going to a Christmas party tonight with other young couples from church and I am supposed to bring my favorite Christmas goodie.  I have lots of goodies, but what to bring that I can acutally eat?  I found a granola recipe--actually have several I want to try--that I made today, and I added Christmas M&Ms, chocolate chips, and raisins.  Of course, I can't eat the chocolates, but they look pretty, and hopefully more appetizing for my friends.  Here's the recipe:
6 cups oats
1/2 cup walnuts (I used cashews)
1/2 cup coconut (I didn't have any)
1/2 cup wheat germ (mine was old, but I added anyway...hope it's ok)
1/2 cup powdered milk--mix all these ingredients together
Cinnamon to taste
separately, mix:  2/3 cup honey, 2/3 cup oil, 1 tsp vanilla.  Heat about 30 seconds in microwave.

Pour liquid into oat mixture, stirring to coat.  Place in a 9x13" pan(I used a cookie sheet also), bake at 350 for 20 minutes, stirring after 5 minutes and 10 minutes.

After it cooled, I added 1/2 cup each of M&Ms, chocolate chips, and raisins.  Following the recipe as I made it, I get about 20--1/2 cup servings, at 183 calories each.  Without the chocolate and raisins, I get about 18 servings, at 151 calories.  If you follow the recipe, make sure you count the coconut calories.

I think it tastes good, but I forgot the cinnamon.  I wish it was more clumpy, it hope it's not hard to eat at the party.  I have another recipe that's supposed to be more clumpy, but I think it calls for more honey, so more calories!

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