Wednesday, December 10, 2008

March Brag Book

Well, I'm on a roll, and planning on keeping up for my posting for a while.  A few weeks ago, my interest in crafting and sewing in particular, have snagged my attention.  This site Whip up, is CHOCK FULL of a variety of crafts!  This time of year, I start feeling particularly crafty, as I attempt to give heart-felt, home-made gifts to my loved ones, and hopefully save money doing it.  A problem with giving home-made gifts, is that I pour a whole lot more time and thought into the gift, and it does hurt more to see it not appreciated as much as I think it deserves...please appreciate any and all gifts, especially home-made.  On this note, I'm really attempting to buy my children less this year and teach them to appreciate what they's not about getting or even DESERVING gifts.  It's about being content and satisfied with what we have.  Hannah has reached the age where she does NOT want me shopping for anybody else, not cousins, not little girls with nothing around the world--Shoebox Christmas Gifts.  She wants everything for herself.  So I've been trying to come up with gifts that she can pick out and that she can make so she can have some JOY in giving.  So far, we've made a handful of Christmas cards we have yet to hand out, and today we made Mary & Joseph, an angel and a snowman to join baby Jesus.  These are wonderfully made out of toilet paper rolls, sponge painted, material added, and then the special hand touch of Hannah's hand painted face on each.  

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