Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Sheep Story

Continuing the story of the sheep family from yesterday.  Remember, the mother had been put down, one twin died of shock, and there is one twin remaining.  This twin was paired up with a new mother to nurse from, and it seems that the lamb had learned from his mother's bad habits.  " 'It's this or death, little one."  Amos took a stone from his pouch, weighing it in his hand.  Too heavy and it would kill the lamb; too light and it would not serve to discipline him.  Amos swing his sling and released the stone, striking the lamb in a front leg, just above the knee.  With a startled bleat of pain, the lamb went down.

Tears burning, Amos went to the wounded lamb and knelt.  "I am here, little one.  I would rather wound you myself than see you come to greater harm."  He knew after a gentle examinationg that the leg was broken, but not shattered.  It would heal.  "You belong with the flock, not out here on your own where death will find you."  He worked quickly, binding the leg and tugging the lamb free of the brambles.  "I know I hurt you, but better suffer an injury that will heal than become dinner for the prowling lion."  he ran his hand gently over the lamb's head.  "you will learn to stay close to me where you're safe."  He cupped the lamb's head and breathed into his face.  "No struggling or you will cause yourself more pain."  He gently liften the lamb onto his shoulders and carried him back to the flock..."You will learn to trust me and not think you can find better forage on your own.  I will lead you to green pastures and still waters...Sometimes I must wound in order to protect...You will get used to my voice and come when I call...You bear my mark, little one.  You are mine.  Let me take care of you."  (The Prophet, p. 4,5)

Oh My!  We think when tough things happen to us, God's not paying attention, or we blame him for our trials.  How reassuring to think that maybe God's purpose is to love and grow us, to call us unto him!  He longs for us to trust him, to follow him, to know that where he leads us is safe.  He wants us to know his voice, to listen for his call, and not get swept away by all the other stuff around us.  We get to bear his mark, to be know as his!  

These stories were fresh in my mind at my bi-weekly study, going through the book, "Follow me".  I've mentioned it before.  This week we studied the concept, Are we holding back from God?  God wants us to know that he is the ONE UNFAILING source of all we need for spiritual and physical life!  God is to be glorified because He acts like who He is!  We need to recognize all that he has accomplished and be filled with admirmation, deep respect, and appreciation for His sheer goodness and safe leadership.

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