Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Follow Me

I'm kinda stuck on grocery shopping on Wednesday, I don't know why.  But today, I went to Ludington.  I visited Walgreens, Rite Aid, McDonalds, and Meijers.  I think I got great deals, experienced Register Rewards at Walgreens (had  Fantastic! cashier!!).  I headed out to the car at my last stop, in the rain, and discovered my keys were missing!  I looked all over my purse, and had a dreadful feeling that they were still in my ignition, in my locked car!  I jogged the cart, full of groceries and kids, and sure enough, right there they were!  I called Tim, and an hour later, he had us unlocked.  Not how I planned to spend my day!  5 hours grocery shopping is a little extreme, even for me!!

a few months ago, I was given the book, Follow Me, by Jan David Hettinga.  I admit to letting it sit on my shelf, getting buried by other books I collected and didn't read.  I'm always reading, so it's not like I completely neglected it, right?  I joined a group of girls in a Bible study, and this book was chosen as our material.  Great, I thought, I already have it!  So I started reading the first chapter today, and I wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

As a disciple of Christ, am I striving to live every moment of my life from the perspective of God's Kingdom?  Is it enough to believe or do I have to obey God?  Is Christianity, belief in Jesus as my Savior require merely outward stuff, like my doctrine and lifestyle?  Or is it a transformation of my spirit and character?  Guess what?  It's the part that isn't seen that shapes what is seen!!

Here's a list of criteria that people who merely believe might might find yourself on this list:
  • cynical about church work
  • feeling spiritually dry
  • passive and apathetic--good intentions but no follow-through
  • focused on self--my needs, my rights, my options
  • would rather watch than lead or participate
  • admit to a fast-paced, busy, cluttered life
  • arrange life around my personal pleasures, preferences, and comforts
  • go through the motions, do what's expected
  • spiritually barren...and not troubled about it
  • pride self in being self-sufficient
  • keep options open and remain uncommitted
  • no sense of spiritual purpose
  • "there's gotta be more to the Christian life than this" feeling
Ok, so that's merely chapter one!!  Yikes!  I've gotta read chapter 2 for tomorrow and answer some questions.  I'll fill you in our conversations about this stuff tomorrow!

by the way, anybody reading this should really check this book out.  It's worth it!

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Gary and Charity said...

I did my reading yesterday...very convicting. I think I might be a bit uncomfortable in this Bible Study which is great, exactly what I need. See you tomorrow!

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