Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some photoshop actions

I found a photoshop/photography blog site today that inspired me to play with some recent photos I took: the pioneer woman. Go to photography tips to find what I'm talking about. While I couldn't use all of her tips, because she's using Photoshop, and I'm using Photoshop Elements, it got me thinking and playing. After I applied a variety of actions to get a photo I was happy with, I applied a frame and saved it like that. All frames were from Designer Digital--most of my frames are from them. I like how Katie designs them, it seems. By the way, the site linked above has a great name--maybe I like it for that reason!
About the photos--the top one is of Hannah jumping on the trampoline. I love the tilt of her head and the look on her face, also catching the movement of her body, seen by the billowing hair. I'm finding her long hair is becoming a hindrance to my taking her pictures! It's often blocking her face! I also added a few brush/stamps around the bottom edges of the photo. The middle photo is of Mel, a stallion my parents co-own and are trying to sell. See Rocking Horse Farm for more info. I haven't tried riding him yet, but I'm thinking about it. He's a few inches taller than the gelding I usually ride, and my dad says it's a big difference when sitting on his back. He's been very gentle, and has never tried to get away from his handler. We'll see. The last picture is of Atta Boy, a gelding my mom has been working with this summer. He's been in many shows, and has done very well, but usually my dad rides him. This was a shot of him coming to the barn from the pasture.
Check the bottom of the blog for some new sites that I've found recently pertaining to digital scrapbooking and freebies.

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