Friday, January 25, 2008

January Desktop

I've been working many hours on the computer trying to learn how to do Digi-scrappin'. I've found lots of helpful websites and tons of free downloads. Here's one freebie I got and it's now my desktop for the month. I also have a February I found that I'll put up when it's time. kinda handy to have the calendar right there! I've also been working on a digi-scrappin' book for Hannah for her birthday. She'll turn three February 19! WOW! She loves to look at my scrapbooks, so i'm creating an 8x8 book about Daddy's little girl. On odd pages will be the words to the song by Tim McGraw "My Little Girl", sang in Flicka. On the even pages will be pictures of Hannah with her Daddy. Now, the tricky thing is, do I have enough pictures of Hannah with Tim? We'll see! I'll post the book when I'm done. I also have the booklet I created for Makenna's birthday that I need to post. I've gotten so far behind! I finally got my Christmas cards addressed and stuffed. I even bought postage stamps for the first time in at least 6 mo! I discovered that Meijers sell them. Now, I just have to print off return address labels and lick them shut. Only more than a month after Christmas. I just had this philosophy that it wasn't worth stressing out about. I mean, really, Who Cares? Who gets a nice card and picture in January or February? It'll brighten someone's day, right?!

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