Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What does it mean to live the Great Life?

It's been way too long since I posted!  The past few weeks have been filled with swimming lessons, beach days, hanging out with friends at the pool or the lake.  I have not been spending much time inside on the computer!  There were strawberries and raspberries to pick and put up, the garden is trying to be kept under control and is starting to produce, and always laundry to hang out.  And, unfortunately, I've not been taking pictures of all of this!  I'm currently unhappy with my camera.  There seems to be something wrong with the light sensor.  When I turn off the flash, the pics are often blurry, but when it's on automatic, it wants to flash, even in bright sunlight!  Which makes for a dark picture unless I'm very close to the subject.  It's just a Kodak point and shoot, and I'm, as always, dreaming of a DSLR.  Maybe someday.

Here's my {almost} Scripture and a snapshot:  the quote is taken from yesterday's Beth Moore study on Esther that I'm participating in.  I'm reminded that for everyone "who embraces the glory of God as our purose will end up doing great things precisely because we do God-things."  I need to work hard at being obedient to only what God has called me to do, to do THAT well for His Glory alone.  For He is the Keeper of all Glory.

After cleaning it up, I used Kim Klassen's texture Aurora on Linear Burn blending mode.



erkarts said...

This is a beautiful photo!

sallyt said...

Quite nice. Wonderful use of the Aurora texture.

tiarastantrums said...


Ashley Sisk said...

That is great - love it.

peggy gatto said...

really lovely!

June Scott said...

Amen, Jen! It's hard to be about His work sometimes (ours tends to get in the way) Sounds like you are having an amazing summer! Sorry about your camera... This photo takes my breath away... love, love, love it!

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