Sunday, May 8, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday with the Cows

1.  SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera) This one was more difficult than I thought it would be, and I found I just couldn't put an unedited photo up!  So here's a before and after shot of a cow in an Amish field where I bought some groceries and some baked goods this week.  Yummy!

2.  Sprouting:  ok, this would really be more accurate to say "Budding", but I have nothing pretty that's "sprouting" up yet, only weeds!  A few pots of herbs are coming around, but I'll start more planting in the next week or two.  I do have a tiny pot of Rye grass the girls started in the kitchen window, though...

3.  Isn't it Ironic?  This one stumped me big time!  This is as close as I could get, with Hannah running into the other team while the ball's off to the side.

4.  Lazy!  Again, I think of Springtime as WORK around here and Summer has more lazy moments, but Makenna thought the lid to the sandbox was a great spot to relax after blowing bubbles, and it's definitely a lazy moment.

5.  Smells of Spring!  Of course, I'm sure that most will put some pretty flowerish smell up for this one, but I was hunting for a manure spreader!  I even saw an Amish man with a manure spreader nearby, but hesitated to get close enough for a shot.  Sure wish I'd managed that, though!  A few weeks ago, this NASTY smell assaulted our house due to our friend's turkey manure being spread nearby.  We were thanking Jesus when a rain came shortly after and cleaned the air and our home of that awful smell.


Kimberly said...

Great photos! We have a cow farm nearby and my kids were complaining of the smell on our nature walk through the woods yesterday. Have a lovely day!

Sonia said...

I love your smells of spring photo! The grass looks so vibrant!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your sprouting and smells like spring shots look great. Lovely work~!

April said...

Really like the smells like spring and sprouting shots!

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