Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scavenger Hunt and the Old Gate

My view from the floor
 We are five and we have much and the house is small.  Living is messy always.  I have learned that mess happens when I expect them to play and be happy and be creative.  

 How about this old painted gait?  
Can you feel the paint flakes under your fingers?
We are trying to build a community where the gate is always open and friends are always welcome and let's stop to visit when you drive by.

...speaking of which, here's a few more shots I took for the "Lines" theme...
This is the line of cars waiting to get on the sand dunes...and they all had to drive by my house to get there!  
Here's the beginning of the line:

...and more than a mile down the road, here's where the line keeps wrapping around.  "Flat-Landers" is what my husband always calls them.  They are loud and annoying and I fear the traffic zooming by my home in what is supposed to be a 25 mph zone that the police make excuses why they can't enforce it.  But it is good for the local economy and they spend their money in places who in turn bring in vehicles for my husband to fix (and then they actually have the money to pay their bills).  It's a circuit that eventually blesses us.  

You wonder what it's all about?  Huge sand dunes to run big trucks and dune buggies and ATVs around on.  This is what we go up on, my man's big black truck that we all love.  Here's a secret, though:  we only go up when all the crazy duners go home.  We hear way to many sirens fly by to race to the scene of another accident...
Sunset on the dunes

Another line...

Self Portrait
 Why so difficult to reveal myself here?  To simply put a face to all these words I've been sharing?  It is also intriguing that most of the pictures of me these past few years are the self-portraits...
Classic Still Life
 Took this at a gathering of friends yesterday.  
Dried Hydrangeas from another year left to grace us.

Fresh dirt being plowed up to ready my garden...yes, it's Memorial Weekend and the garden's just now getting in.  But, hey, there was a frost warning only a few days ago, so I don't think I've lost much growing time.  I used a few of Kim's textures on this photo and am linking it to Texture Tuesday.



Ashley Sisk said...

You're so pretty - you should definitely get in front of the camera more often and I love the lines shot.

Brooke said...

That sunset is beautiful! And I really love that first lines image!

Branson said...

Love your selfie! And the clothesline shot is great!

Cedar said...

Gorgeous sunset! Very pretty selfie! Nice set!

Valeria said...

Me too, I love the lines shot.

Phoenix Peacock said...

love the first lines and the sunset!

TIMOTHY said...

That is the nicest looking truck I have ever laid eyes on!! LOL (its mine....)

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