Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

For fun this week, I decided to join in on a photo scavenger hunt. Just to see if I could do it. 3 of these pictures were taken this week, the one of Mav on the horse was from the fall. It was raining the day we were at my parents, and there was to be no horse riding that day. That's the photo I want from an animal's perspective.

This photo shows the waiting.  The moment the water droplet forms on the branch, grows bigger and bigger, until finally falling to the ground.

In the Haflinger Horse magazine my parents subscribe to, there's a section called "between the horses' ears".  This photo was supposed to be a reverse take on that idea.  This was my take on the "animal's perspective"

MANY!  Too many spines and sharp pokies to count!  We went to the Butterfly gardens {again}, this time just me and the kids with my sister and her kids and our mom.  Being spring break for many schools, it was insanely crowded, so much so, it was hard to enjoy it all.

MOTION!  I had a few choices for this one, another was a duck taking off in flight.  I liked how the wings are blurred here, while everything else was in focus.  I used the super close focus button on my camera (the one with the flower icon).

There's one more:  In Fashion.  Not sure I can get an appropriate photo for that, or even figure out what it may mean...


Ashley Sisk said...

These are so great - I love your first shot! Have a great week.

Abi said...

Your shot of the drops of water is perfect! I love everything about it: lighting, dof, everything. I also love the "animal's perspective" how cute is that??

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