Monday, March 7, 2011

I've Reached 100 Gifts

My named thanks to the King of the Universe, the Giver of All, to Him who is the only Gift, for from Him and to Him and through Him are all things!

90. For the gift of a true friend to spend time with, to share my heart with and thoughts with.
91.  For her children to play with mine
92.  Sunshine in the windows!
93.  God is my portion, Savior, Rescuer, Judge. He is Righteous, my Shield, He's Honest, the Most High, the One who looks deep into my heart, soul and mind.
94.  Being able to provide a meal for friends to celebrate their new baby
95.  sharing a lesson to the Sparkies--Jesus is our Passover Lamb that removes my
96. Sins forever--Grace!
97.  Good reading on blogs that stir my creativity and my thinking towards God.
98.  Watching Hannah try to teach Makenna how to read "Tim the Tin Can"
99.  Circling seeds and plant to order in the plant catalog
100. (!) Spending time with Tim and kids at Menards buying wood for a few projects--Tim believed I (we) could build them!
101.  Enjoying our friends' new home & playing games

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