Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 May scrapbook pages

I have gotten woefully negligent on my goal of taking a daily picture and scrapbooking weekly layouts--Project 365.  Instead of feeling guilty or overwhelmed with my shortcomings, I'm just going to go with the flow and do my best, ok?  I did a 2-page layout for the month of May that faily well captures our activities.  Each page has 14 pictures, so 28 all together--not bad for a month, right?  Only thing is, there are some pictures that were taken on the same day, so I didn't really come close to taking a daily picture.  Part of my excuse is that I grow weary of taking pictures in my house, so I really only want to take them when we're doing something outside.  The last picture is one of my favorites.  Hannah loves Sunny, my mom's horse. (It's technically my sister's horse, but it's also the one everybody loves to ride, including me and Hannah).  On this day, Papa & Nana hitched up Sunny & Atta Boy to the buggy, and all 6 of us--Nana, Papa, Tim, the girls, and I--went for a little drive.  Hannah stood by the hitching post when we were done, and just snuggled and hugged Sunny.  I got several snapshots of the 2 of them.  He's so wonderfully calm and patient to just let her stand there and hug all over his head.  She dreams of horses constantly, even going so far to say that she rides bareback really well, and just squeezes with her legs when they jump over cricks and trees.  Sometimes her favorite horse is Flicka, sometimes Spirit, and sometimes Sunny.  She has a wonderful imagination!

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