Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin

Hannah is into Rolling down hills and in the grass these days.  I've taken pictures of her rolling down the hilly knoll at the library, down the sand dunes, and here at Grandma Ruster's home.  It's kinda funny!  It's like a new hobby.  By the way...more on my "girl-girl".  She likes to be dirty.  I'm constantly telling her to stop digging in the dirt in the driveway on the way to the get mail, to quit kicking up the dirt with her Sunday shoes, etc.  It's hard to keep clothes clean and fingers are always dirty!  We've reached the season of dirty feet, as she now insists on wearing her flip flops from the moment she gets up until she goes to bed.  Her daddy can't figure out why her feet are so filthy.  My non "girly-girl" is not dainty or graceful or into tea-parties and princesses.  She doesn't mind playing princess, and she'd probably like tea parties if I showed her how and let her eat real food.  But what she imagines all by herself are stories about her and her "brothers" who live on a farm with big trucks like her daddy's with big horse trailers and wild mustangs and brumbies on her farm.  She has names for all her horses, and she gets on her stick horse and gallops all over the house saying things like, "Yah, Yah!" "Slow Down, girl!", "No biting!"

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