Monday, April 13, 2009

Win an Orlando free Stay Vacation!

A few weeks ago, my girls were watching TV and saw a commercial about Mickey Mouse and Disney World.  Hannah said "That'd be fun to do, mama!" I agreed, and told here how I got to go there when I was a teenager with my sister and Nana & Papa.  She stared at me and said, "You Tricked ME!!!"  I tried not to laugh, and asked her if she was mad that I didn't take her?  She replied that she was mad at me for not taking her.  I tried to explain to her how she wasn't born yet and that I didn't even know Daddy yet!  Her concept of time is limited to her's as if there was no time before she was born.  The world revolves around her...

SO!  Jolly Mom is offerering a giveaway for a weeks stay at an Orlando Resort.  One lucky winner will win a stay over the week following the 4th of July at the Wyndam Cypress Palms. This is courtesy of PSM Vacations.  Up to 6 people can stay in the rooms, including a king size bed, 2 full beds/or extra king, full kitchen and 2 baths.  WOW!  I think that'd be so cool!

Also, Go Graham Go! is giving away a wooden, pedal-less bike that is supposed to really help a child to learn to balance and be ready to ride a regular bike with no training wheels.  It sounds kinda goofy, but it might help Hannah.  She got a new bike with her birthday money, still in the box...but she is pretty leary of falling and getting hurt.  Her past bike is pretty old and the tires are worn out, and she's fallen a few times.  I think that's because our sidewalk is so warped and bumpy and uneven.  Honestly, she falls more--both walking and riding--more than anybody I've ever seen.  She's constantly tripping in the house!  But I'm off subject...  You can check out the Skuut here.

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Together We Save said...

Thanks for the info. Your girls are beautiful.

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