Friday, April 10, 2009

Shabby Apple Dress, High chair & More!

It must be all the spring fever that's brought on this rash of giveaways that I've stumbled on!  Here's a few for today from Jolly Mom:

she has linked to Shabby Apple, maker of women's dresses, maternity dresses, and children's/infant dresses.  I checked them out, and they are super cute.  I know lot's of gals don't where dresses anymore, but I usually dress up for church, and where skirts or dresses.  I found these dresses range from casual to dressy, and are unique for trying to fit the average size woman, not super skinny!  Also, they are made to wear without needing to wear under camis, over sweaters, cover up bare skin to be modest.  They seem fun, flirty, cute!  Dressy enough to wear to a special occasion, and comfortable enough to wear everyday.  I like them!

Jolly Mom is also giving away a baby sleeping bag Grobag by Keen Distribution.  It claims to fit babies size 0-36 mo, with a variety of warmth ratings.  Now, I don't know WHY a 36 month old would put up with being restricted to such a bag!  I can't see Makenna being happy not being able to use her legs in her bed...but I liked using such bags on the girls when they were infants.  The problem we had was that my girls were big and the bags were small, so I'm pretty sure they grew out of them by 9 months or so, so I would really like to see them where a bag to bed through maybe 18 months.  My girls were born in the winter, so to get them past the winter after they turned one.  We live in Michigan, it's still bitter cold (can't make it out of the 40s), babies never stay covered up, and our house is chilly at night.  The bags would be a great thing.

Go Graham Go is also featuring a new giveaway:  a portable high chair by minui handy sit. This sits on a regular chair, kind of like a booster, except it hooks on the back of the chair for safety, folds up flat when not in use, has a crotch stopper, and is good for children 6 mo to 5 years.

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