Friday, February 27, 2009

Project 365 Feb. 1-7 Plus I won an iTouch!

WOW!  I've gotten far behind, huh?  Seems like life got really busy lately.  I'm the new Prism leader for our Friday morning weight-loss group, I'm in bible study group every other Thursday morning, I'm on the MOPS steering team, meeting 3 Tuesdays a month, and I started working a few hours from home through the internet.  Plus church, AWANA, YAC, and life!  Here's a key for all those abreviations:  MOPS = Mothers Of Preschoolers, a world-wide organization; AWANA is a children's Wednesday night program, again world-wide; YAC = Young Adult Couples group from church, meets once a month

Here's my latest brainstorm (which will probably lead to more work)  a babysitting co-op within our YAC group families.  I presented it, and I have at least 7 interested families that want to participate.  So I need to follow up with a meeting to nail down guidelines and get it going.  I'm going to have it all in a Google Doc accessible to our group members so they can readily see their babysitting accounts.

GUESS WHAT I WON!!!  On Valentine's morning, I discovered I was the winner from's iTouch iPod giveaway!!  Yes, that's right, I have won 2, yes TWO iTouch iPod's in the last 6 weeks!  How crazy is that?  So, I ran upstairs (yes, we have an upstairs now!) and woke Tim up to tell him my good news!  He was excited, because I'm giving it to him.  Then I told Hannah, my now 4 year old daughter, and she puckered up in a pout, and said, "But MOM, I want an iPod!"  I said, "Honey, the next one I win will be for you!".  She loves to listen to one song on my iPod over and over.  It's by 33Mile, called GONE.  She also loves to scroll through my pictures.  She knows how to do it, but then all of a sudden, she'll show it to me, and it's about to delete one of my programs!  YIKES!  I have downloaded a few programs, like "Lose It" that I use to keep track of my food and exercise daily.  I also have a free Bible program that I have the NKJV Bible in, and where's there's WIFI available, I have access to many, MANY good translations.  Tim brought this to church to use instead of his regular bible.  Talk about a lot lighter to carry!  I'm thinking about it, but I love using my own Bible, with study notes and handwritten notes.  But I get tired of lugging around a 10 lb Bible, diaper tote, toddlers, and such.

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