Thursday, December 11, 2008

November Brag book

Here's another site about the $500 Walmart give away.   Seriously, don't you want to win?  Here's a few more tips I have to save money this Christmas:  price match at Walmart and save time, gas, and money.  Shop all year long at thrift stores and yard sales.  I miss yard sales!  I have found so many good things for my children--clothes, toys, books, and also many of those things for myself.  I look for cheap and in good condition.

Here's another one:  here you have to say how you save $1 a day--and then generously share it.  I save money by switching my light bulbs to the curly/twisty flourescent bulbs, clip lots of coupons/print coupons on line, and keep our heat low.  Heat is subjective, but here's what we do:  during the day, from 8am to 10:30pm it's set at 68, otherwise, it's at 62.  We used to keep it at 58 at night, but now with small children who don't stay covered up at night, we felt that was too cold for them.  It's set automatically, but when we're out of the house for more than a few hours, I turn it down to 62-64.  During the summer, I drive to town as little as possible, and ride bikes to the library and grocery store.  It's a 6 mile trip to the store and 8 mile trip to the library.  This isnt' so easy to pull 2 girls who weigh about 80 pounds together, plus the books or groceries, snacks for the trip, water, plus the bike trailer and bike seat!  Great exercise, though!

Here's another chance to win:  The tip that I posted here was about my baby wipes experiment.  A few months ago, I started making my own baby wipes.  First, I unroll part of a roll of Bounty paper towel, laying it zig-zag style.  Then I cut the width in half and lay the stack in an empty container of baby wipes.  I boil water, mix 2 cups of water with 2 Tbl. baby shampoo/soap, 2 Tbl vinegar (to keep it from molding), and 2 Tbl baby oil.  I would also add lavendar if I had any essential oil.  Mix it all up and pour it over your stack of paper towel.  I would not add all of it, just a little at a time.  Other wise you get dripping wet wipes, which is not a good idea.  I put any extra mix in a spray bottle, which I leave by the changing table.  If you get a section of wipes that aren't quite damp enough, just spray on as you go.  I haven't totally checked my math, but I think I got a roll of paper towel for .75, and I think a roll would fill my wipes container 2-3x, so it's a lot cheaper than the Huggies wipes I'd been buying for several bucks.  Plus, I know what I'm wiping my baby's bottom with, and feel safe to use the wipe on her sticky hands and face when necessary.

Ok, now check this one out:  here you can get up to four chances to register.  post a comment on the site, blog about it, twitter about it, and post a video about it.  I was convinced a few minutes ago to join TWITTER, something I've never even heard of before yesterday, but it offers me more chances to win.  my user name is jennijean.  so maybe you'll join me, because there's really nobody I know on it!

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