Friday, December 12, 2008

May Brag Book

What do you think about the word "Frugal"?  It's kinda old and prudish, don't you think?  I can't believe, in my search for coupons and deals and sales, how much this word pops up.  Maybe it's not so bad after all!  Like, how bout this Frugal is Fabulous site?  I've been searching Amazon all day for Christmas presents and deals, and then I look here and find a whole post of deals!  It truly is fabulous!  Maybe you've been wondering how my grocery shopping has been coming along...well, good, I think.  It's difficult to shop with 2 young children, and I end up spending several hours shopping.  Since the wal-mart/meijers/walgreens/rite-aid is about 25 minutes away, I try to only go every 2 weeks.  I guess that adds up to spending about 3 hours shopping when I go.  Here's one of my recent good sales receipts:  

At Walgreens, I spent $22.69, and saved$28.72 in advertised savings, and saved $24.78 in coupons, for a total savings of $54.10!!!

Meijers:  the last time I went was 3 weeks ago, and I spent $140 ( I hate saying that cuz it sounds like so much!!) but I saved a total of $90 including sales, coupons, and Meijer promotions.

There are certain deals I have been stocking up on, like frozen veggies, whole turkey, and candles that have been good deals.  We've gotten so much snow this past month, I want to make sure that I have enough food on hand and a pantry and freezer stocked up in case I can't get out.  This week, I spent Sunday afternoon until Wednesday night (can you tell I only go to church?) at home.  MOPS was canceled!  Tim's been plowing so much, getting up at 3:30 am to plow before church.

Here's a place to try to win $100 Walmart Gift card, or you can choose alternate gifts.  In order to enter, you have to join their forum, post a grocery deal, and then link the post to the comment you place on the blog.  Takes a little time, because you have to register and then wait to be accepted.  Kind of a pain, but then you can do bonus entries, by blogging, twittering, and vlogging--a video on a blog--who knew?  So, I'm trying to enter as many contests as many times as possible!  I sure hope I win something!

Have you checked Amazon lately?  I ordered earlier this week, getting 2 fabulous toy deals for Makenna--a leap frog fridge toy and a baby doll, at steeply discounted prices.  I also got a CD for Tim, priced lower than where I originally looked, at CBD.  Plus, I qualified for free shipping!  Love that!  Anyway, they daily have price changes, so find a deal and buy it right away before the price goes up.  Also, keep checking and maybe you'll see a great deal!  The fridge toy--ABC--was a great deal for 11.99, which i bought it for, and now it's 9.99!  So I emailed Amazon, sighting the difference, and included my order number.  Supposedly, they will honor the difference for up to 30 days after an item is purchased.  I just happened to see it, but there are ways to track your order and price drops.  I'll see if the extra 2 bucks is added to my account.

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